Ascend Real Estate Advisors specializes in the disposition or acquisition of raw land and investment property. Whether a client’s goal is to sell their property or to acquire property for development or investment/speculation purposes, we approach each assignment with a very organized process, from the initial market research and comparable analysis to recommendations tailored to each client’s unique situation.

One of Ascends greatest strengths is the specialization of our Brokers. We have carefully divided each major land and investment market in Illinois and Indiana into smaller submarkets. Then, at least one specialist is assigned to each area.

This individual is responsible for focusing on that particular submarket in order to know everything happening there. This includes attending city council meetings, planning and zoning meetings, maintaining up-to-date property owner inventories and constantly surveying recent market sales activities.

As a result, our land and investment brokers offer specific geographic and property knowledge. In addition to these submarket specialists, we also have Brokers who deal strictly with the user side of the market.

We know the marketplace. With advanced computer software, we can present a thorough analysis of any income property. By using accurate income and expense proformas, future and discounted cash flows and appropriate internal rates of return, we can determine the financial viability of any investment opportunity.